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2020 Annual Meeting Information

The Albemarle EMC Board of Directors unanimously agreed to hold the Annual Meeting of Members remotely via a conference call. This decision was made in the interest of protecting the membership during the uncertain pandemic. “We are very disappointed that we cannot meet with the membership in person this year, but due to COVID-19 we have decided to err on the side of caution” said Gary Ray, General Manager.

Reason for Annual Meeting

As a member of an electric cooperative, you have a voice in the way your business is operated. Each year Albemarle EMC holds the Annual Meeting of Members, which conducts the business of the cooperative. The election of a Board of Directors is a vital part of the Annual Meeting. Board members serve three-year terms and are representative of the membership. Cooperative bylaws ensure each cooperative district is represented on the Board of Directors. Monthly board meetings take place to guarantee the business of the cooperative is handled, such as policy review, maintaining financial status and acting on necessary items. With our cooperative, each member has one vote guaranteeing all members have equal voting power.

2020 Annual Meeting Recording

2020 Annual Meeting Video



2019 Albemarle EMC Annual Report

Click on the image below to access the full Annual Report.

Order of Business

I. Quorum report and acknowledgement of proper notice of the meeting;

II. Annual Meeting minutes will be approved by the board of directors at the first meeting of the board held after each Annual Meeting of the members;

III. Presentation and consideration of reports of officers, directors and committees, which may be presented in person at the Annual Meeting or presented to the membership in writing or electronically;

IV. Election of Directors or announce the results of the election of directors;

V. Adjournment

Address to Membership

General Manager, Gary Ray
Address to the Membership

Board President, John Spence
Address to the Membership


2020 Director Nominees

District 2: Chowan County
Josiah "Tony" Webb

District 3: Pasquotank County
L.A. Harris, Jr.,

District 4: Perquimans County 
Thelma Finch-Copeland

Tony Webb has been a dedicated Director since 1993. He is the President and owner of Webb Land & Timber Service, Inc. Tony graduated from N.C. State University with a degree in forestry management. He is a registered forester and a licensed land surveyor and real estate broker. Tony has also obtained his Credentialed Cooperative Director status as well as his Board Leadership Certificate.

L.A. Harris Jr., has served as a dedicated Director since 1975. He has served on various committees in his capacity as Director. L.A. is retired from Albemarle Hospital, as well as farming in the Pasquotank County area. He attended training and education to become a Credentialed Cooperative Director.

Thelma Finch-Copeland has served as a dedicated Director since 2013. She is also a Head Start Director with the Economic Improvement Council, after having retired from teaching. Thelma holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Master of Science in Elementary Education, and is also a Credentialed Cooperative Director. 

How to Join the Meeting

Members are officially notified that this year's Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 5:30 p.m. Please call
1-800-747-0367 to join the conference call.

**Phone lines will open at 5:15 p.m.**

How to Vote

This year’s board elections will be conducted by mail-in ballot. Ballots, along with Director nominee biographical information will be mailed to each member in early to mid - August. Please follow these steps:

  1. Select one candidate per district.
  2. Mail in the ballot using the self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.
  3. Due no later than Sept. 14, 2020.

Please note ballots will NOT be accepted in person at Albemarle EMC.

Sample Ballot

Each ballot will have a barcode linked to the member's account number. The barcode will enable the ballots to be authenticated and the member's vote to remain anonymous. Click on image below to view all pages of the ballot.






How Votes Will be Counted

The ballots will be collected from the post office by the Annual Meeting Registrar and a member of the Credentials and Elections Committee. Once collected, all ballots will be secured in a lock box until time to be counted. The Credentials and Elections Committee and cooperative attorney will meet on Sept. 23 to count the ballots and determine the winner of each seat.

Ballots received will serve as membership attendance and will count toward the meeting quorum.


By mailing in your ballot, each member is eligible for the cash drawings. A total of $2,700 will be drawn. Winners will be announced during the Annual Meeting.  Members do not need to participate in the phone meeting to be eligible to win. Winners will be notified by phone.















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